February 4th
Due to structural problems at JJays Pandemonium move their weekly night to The Institute, Digbeth, Birmingham

March 19th
Dance Planet hold The Detonator at Birmingham's Hummingbird. On the night the Hummingbird's security let people in through a side door for back handers. Serious overcrowding leads to the death of two people and the loss of the Hummingbird's entertainments licence.

April 16th
The Electrybe host a party for Otiz F. Angel's birthday at the Brain club in London west end. Playing a assortment of happy Hardcore, techno and Jungle, this Monday gathering is Electrybe's first fully legal event. A successful night persuades organisers to continue the event every Monday. These colorful events become the regular club night for hundreds of ravers, house hippies, new age travellers, artists, healers & spiritualists. Annie Lester, Emma J and Omi join Electrybe's management team. The next day Otiz F. Angel releases a 2 track e.p named New Generation ‎– True Feelings

April 23rd
Fantazia do their last true Hardcore event (2nd Birthday) at the Sanctuary, Milton Keynes. There's talk of another event planned for 30,000 at Cricket St Thomas Park on the South coast but this doesn't happen as Fantazia start their own line of clothing and a record label.

April 30th
Universe do the first Tribal Gathering with 25,000 people at Warminster near Bath. Total chaos on the surrounding roads with a 15 mile traffic jam leading up to the site at about 9pm. Dreamscape plan a massive weekend long event (Woodstock 2) with probably the biggest flyer ever seen (A1 size!). The licence is granted but due to difficulies with a financier Murray has to cancel the event. The late cancellation loses ESP thousands.

June 25th
Dance Trance (Mickey Lynas ex Amnesia House) has his 1st Wedding anniversary at the Sanctuary.

After the huge gathering of last years Castle Morton festival, a bigger event is planned near the outskirts of Corby, Northamptonshire. It is to be called "The Mother". Unknown to the organisers, someone puts posters up in the area publicising the event and giving Police access to the mobile phone lines. Sound systems manage to crack the site on Friday the 7th but by Saturday a major Police operation with 100s of officers blocks off the whole area and the phone info lines go dead.

July 24
Elevation at Roller Express, Edmonton

August 13th
Universe stage their Big Love event attracting 30,000. With 2 totally outdoor stages set back to back, Heaven (House) & Earth (Hardcore). Probably the last totally outdoor event. Sound restiction problems cause the levels to be turned right down half way through the Prodigys set. Mad P from Top Buzz threw the mic into crowd during their set as they refused to turn it up!

August 14th
Big Love

The Criminal Justice Bill is put to Parliament. With the new Rave Clause, defining a 'Rave' as 100 or more people dancing outdoors to music "mainly comprising of repetitive beats". New powers for the Police will include the right to detain anyone they believe is heading to an illegal rave and the right to confiscate sounds systems (like they hadn't been doing this any.

September 7th
Electrybe present The Resurrection at the Marquee, Tottenham court road WC1. Otiz F. Angel & Carl Miller, Hypno trance, ‎release two tracks 'Celestial Encounter' 'Spiritual love' After a week in the Marquee the Electrybe change their music policy becoming an 100% jungle rave with a policy to only feature new upcoming talent.

The Government announced further acts to control illegal raves. With the law coming down so harshly, the scene turned legal and commercial so clubs organised one-off events, and longer licensing hours meant they could offer all-night dancing at their venues. The likes of Cream, Renaissance and Ministry of Sound had hit the big time and superstar DJs were more famous than film stars.

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