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Before the Rave Scene.

In start of the 1980s, House music becomes truly alive. The sound was pioneer by Djs in New york & Chicago. This specific sound was promoted all around 1984 and was played inside warehouse parties which were made for principally gay African American, Latino men and additionally blended adherents. The music and gathering scene quickly spread and by 1985, it had fanned out developing to be the music of inclination for hetero and gay person gatherings of people all around the Usa. Real areas incorporating Detroit, Boston, Montreal, San fran, L.a and Miami improved their own particular special understandings of the house scene. A specific strain of American House music called "Acid" enters Great Britain and is met by all in all as dissimilar flavours. Music like Dub reggae, northern Soul & European electronic impacts are quickly included, converting and changing the music. Various warehouse occasions show up as the medication Ecstasy treasure its route into the United Kingdom, fuelling another high vigor party society which was unique. These sort of components served to make the environment that brooded and handled the conception of the early Rave scene.


Steve 'Silk' Hurley has the very first House music number 1 with the song "Jack your Body".

The Times newspaper reports the first ecstasy seizure inside London. Not quite realizing that the effect of the drug makes people dance yet, the media report that ecstasy is a sex stimulant.

Trevor Fung & Ian Saint Paul open a little club in San Antonio, Ibiza. It was known as the Project, (named after a club in London that Ian  had been somewhat running). It quickly grew to be a center point for youthful British holiday makers who were out there to get a good time in the Balearic islands. Early ravers started to find out what had been happening and shortly many eventually left Britain summer time to check out the wide open air night clubs of Ibiza similar to Amnesia exactly where DJ's like Alfredo had been playing many of the first house music imports. 

Trevor and Ian ask their acquaintance Paul Oakenfold to ibiza for his birthday. Paul brings along with him Johnny Walker, Nicky Holloway and also Danny Rampling. Trevor and Ian close the venture club and so they devote the rest of the summer backwards and forwards between Amnesia and Cafe del mar.

Returning to London, the newly converted Ibiza crew immediately sense some thing has transformed. Paul opens the initial Project club after hours'. At 2am when the nightclubs were formally concluded Paul & his Ibiza team would start theirgathering until 6am. This continues only some months before Law enforcement officials raid the event.

Danny Rampling and Jenni open Klub Sch-oom (soon reduced to Shoom) in a health centre around Southwark bridge, just south of the Thames in London.

A couple weeks later Paul Oakenfold holds the initial Future event in the back area of the Heaven nightclub, a immense club in London's Charing Cross.


Shoom is one of the first club nights to adopt the Smiley face logo for its flyers. Ravers of the time like it for its association with the peace & love Hippy movement of the 1960's. The smiley face later becomes the symbolic representation of acid house in the UK.

Hedonism hold their first illegal warehouse party

Shoom re-locates to the YMCA on Tottenham Court Road, but there are still more people raving outside than inside! So Shoom moves to a bigger venue called Busbys.
Many new people are exposed to the rave scene including , Dj El chicano, Letronic and Otiz F. Angel (younger relation of Buzbys head doorman).

Paul Stone & Lu Vukovic start a harder edged party called RiP, situated in a labyrinth like warehouse complex on Clink Street, near London Bridge. RiP sees Mr C (Later of the Shamen) and Eddie Richards & Kid Bachelor play a harder more techno underground house ("as opposed to the more soulful sounding house music at Shoom") . The crowd are very diverse crowd, from gangsters in shell suits to middle class revellers.

Clink street is also one of the first to feature MC 'E-mix', one of the scene's first MCs. He added a new spin by rapping & toasting on the House & Techno of the time.

Hot & Nude nights kick off the acid house trend in the North at Fac 51 Ha├žienda (better known simply as The Ha├žienda). Founded by Rob Gretton, the Hacienda was largely financed by the record label Factory Records and the band New Order along with label boss Tony Wilson. It was situated on the corner of Whitworth Street West and Albion Street, close to Castlefield, in the centre of Manchester.

March 29th
An illegal pirate station called Obsession FM start their broadcast. The music policy for the station is 40% soul, reggae & 60% Acid house. The hook line – Ravers! Are You Obsessed? Was given birth. The partners, Richard Okuno, Sav Petriou, El Chicano, Roy Chen, and Otiz F. Angel openly dedicate their broadcasts to support warehouse parties & spread the rave underground movement.

After years of escalating football hostility in London, many rival fans suddenly STOPPED
THE VIOLENCE! Within months making hooligans find themselves raving together, even becoming friends. This induced euphoria was cause by House music and ecstasy. Many individuals take up a new general view that the rave movement can spread happiness. Another optimistic view was the world is going to adjust for the best. Promise land (lyrics) by Joe Smooth best catches the mood in London". ..When the angels from above, come down and spread their wings like doves...then we'll walk, hand in hand, sisters, brothers, we'll take you to a promise land".

RiP (still at Clink) move to Fridays with their 'A-Transmission' nights and Sundays with 'Zoo'.

April 11th
Paul Oakenfold opens a club night called Spectrum in the center of London. A heroic move, in that it is to be held at Heaven, (at the time one of the biggest club venues in London) near Trafalgar Square. To make things harder the event is held on Monday nights. Even so after 3 weeks Spectrum has 1200 people going every week with just as many ravers locked outside. It was a road block. Spectrum quickly gains a musical reputation as a rave venue. On one occasion, Paul Oakenfold even plunges the complete club into total darkness then plays Tchaikovsky's 1824 Overture. Spectrum also hold a few nights at Legends in Manchester and one party in a marque by the Thames.

June 4th
Nicky Holloway opens 'The Trip' at London's Astoria. Thousands of ravers attend filling the massive club every week. Full on street parties erupt after each party closes, with revellers dancing in water fountains opposite the venue and around their cars. Passing drivers, tourists and Police are baffled by hundreds of people chanting "Acieeeed!"

Large companies notice the rave trend and rush to cash in on the 'smiley face' symbol. With no copyright or protection, thousands of mass produced smiley t-shirts & "Wheres the Acid House Party" T-shirts appear everywhere.

There were even tabloid rumours that the brain numbing TV soap Eastenders was planning to make an episode where Ian Beale would drop LSD at a rave and try to jump off a bridge. This commercialisation was the first invite to a wave of plastic ravers. People who disliked the culture now wore Acid t-shirts because it was cool to do so. New, cash rich, clubs, promoters and well connected DJs (some corporately backed) enter the rave gold rush.

July 20th
In protest to commercialisation, New Generation opens at Turnmills. The rave is hosted by
Otiz F. Angel, Ray Loc, Cram Gee & El Chicano with an invite only policy. The promotion is aimed to create an active inner core of hardcore ravers. To host their first acid event, the New Generation play a night of acid, techno and a experimental sound they called Dub Trance.
There after New Generation organise many more events in and around the Farringdon, Shoreditch & Brick lane area.

The Sun newspaper at first cashes in on Acid with its own Smiley T-shirt but this is quickly back-tracked as the tide suddenly turns. A new agenda begins with the smiley face frowning. This is adopted throughout the media. The BBC bans Jolly Roger's tune "Acid Man".
Voices throughout the London underground scene become aware of rumours that the authorities are taking steps to put an end to the raves. Some say because of the drugs, or the fact that so much money was now being made. Other theories accused the government of being opposed to an awakening of minds with fears that, under the right conditions, people could connect and they could lose control. (Divide and conquer conspiracy).

ESP promotions is born at the Roadmender, Northampton. A few packed nights called Bounce follow at Castaways (later renamed to Millwalkies).

Tony Colston-Hayter, disenchanted with the increasingly stricter door policy of Jenny Rampling at Shoom, enters the scene. Tony holds his first parties at Wembley Studios under the name “Apocalypse Now”. On the last night of Apocalypse Now Tony lets ITN news film the event. Interviews with the dj's and positive news are dropped by the TV networks in favour for 'shock' footage of 'spaced out kids' and drug paraphernalia.

August 17th
The Sun newspaper follows up the Sunrise report and issue an investigation into the Heaven night club (then owned by Sir Richard Branson) and home to Spectrum. Claiming "Junkies flaunt their craving by wearing T-shirts sold at the club with the messages like 'Can you feel it?' & 'drop acid not bombs'". Not understanding the pun 'Drop Acid meaning play Acid house' not bombs, the Sun took the term literally linking Acid House with the drug LSD. After the Sun newpaper's article on Heaven, Sir Richard Branson tells Paul Oakenfold that he need only rename his club rather than shut it down. This amazing generosity keep the very best club night in London alive. Spectrum closes but opens again within weeks renamed 'Land of Oz'.

August 26th
Following up the New Generation raves, Otiz F. Angel hosts an illegal warehouse party called 'Resurrection' at Millmead industrial estate, Tottenham. 600+ ravers arrive at the party and Resurrection goes weekly. The negative is that the location is in close proximity to two rival hooligan gangs, the Yids (Tottenham fans) and the Gooners (Arsenal fans) yet the events remain peaceful. Although there is no trouble, Resurrection warehouse becomes known as a notorious gangland venue.

At the end of this "Summer of Love" the unfortunate ecstasy related death of Janet Mayes (R.I.P) at an illegal acid party sparks a Police campaign against warehouse parties. In respect for Janet, many ravers reduce even stop the use of substances yet still remain living the raver lifestyle without the chemical high. Campaigns start reminding people the the rave scene is about the music. This is a time to focus on the concept of peace, love & unity championed by Rave culture. During a bust at a party in Sevenoaks, 20 year old student Paul Hartnoll is beaten by uniformed officers. He recovers and goes on to form the band Orbital.

September 12th
Acid House is introduced to Liverpool as James Barton takes over The State ballroom to start Daisy. DJ's on the first night are Andy Carroll & Mic Microdot.

Robert Darby and Leslie Thomas charged with "conspiring to manage premises where drugs were supplied" after organising a boat party on the Thames. They are sentenced to 10 and 6 years imprisonment.

October 1st
Grooverider & Fabio open a legal club night called Rage.

Tony Colston-Hayter renames his organization to Sunrise after the bad publicity surrounding the last Apocalypse Now. The first event is busted by Police.

November 5th
Sunrise sell 4000 tickets for their Guy Fawkes Edition party. As the event kicks off in a run-down gas works (where the film Full Metal Jacket was made) riot Police raid it an shut down the music. At 5am the Police draw back hopelessly out numbered by ravers who climbed barbed wire fences and ran across dual carriageway's to get in.

Carl Cox was already a well respected D J on the infamous M1/Orbital rave circuit but at this event Carl breaks-through. Playing at Sunrise, he hooked up a three decks. 15,000 ravers rocked to the  amazing experience- since the Carl Cox is known as 'The 3 Deck Wizard'.

November 7th
The Daily Mail newspaper reports Sunrises party as "evil night of Ecstasy"

November 20th
Obsession Fm becomes a 24/7 house music station. After a assembly with Densil Roberts &
Otiz F.Angel, Obsession FM become one of the dedicated pirate radio stations the support the Sunrise events amongst other top raves.

December 10th
Wayne Anthony enters the scene forming Genesis. Genesis ('KP' & Wayne Anthony) host their first party in a warehouse near Aldgate, East London.

December 24th
Genesis hold their second warehouse party. Held in an vacant warehouse near Clapton Pond, Hackney. Genesis use thousands of old car tyres that littered the building to build a UV lit entrance tunnel and bar area. Combined with a Christmas tree, parachutes, netting, inflatables & some new white canopies stolen from a nearby building site.

December 26th
Genesis return to the same warehouse (now with a written contract with the owner!). Initial problems with the electricity had the first 300 or so people standing round in the dark. Later they are caught totally off guard as (mainly due to the reputation of the xmas eve party) 2000 people descend on the warehouse.

December 28th
Sunrise IV "Boxing Day in Heaven" December 30th Sunrise V "Final Party", held at the Astoria New Years Eve Sunrise team up with Genesis for parties named Sunset at Leeside Road, Hackney, London. A venue already utilised by Genesis on Christmas Eve & Boxing Day. It turns nasty and Tony Colsten-Hayter is confronted by a gang of West Ham (ICF) football thugs who demand a cut in the profits. This leaves him looking for party venues that do not fall within the 'territories' of football gangs.


Genesis / Sunset parties. "The Fight Goes On", "Against All Odds", "Hedonism" & "Strength to Strength".

Inspired by what he had seen at RiP, Joe Wieczorek starts holding illegal warehouse parties in various east end locations (Shacklewell Lane, Essex Road, Homerton & Ferry Lane to name a few). Labrynth is born.

Around the same time, Andy Swallow and Tony Wilson having already run a succesful after-hours club at Mile End, Hackney, starts Echos in a small club at the foot of Bow flyover, East London.

Friday's are Tony Wilson's "Adrenaline" while Saturdays sees Andy Swallow's "Pasha". With links to ICF (West Ham United's football hooligans) the club soon becomes a disreputable gangland venue.

Fantasy turn on their first Broadcast and using powerful transmitters gained a massive audience. An array of pirate stations soon followed including Sunrise, & Dance FM.

January 28th
RiP move to "The Dungeons" at Leabridge Road, Leytonstone.

February 25th
Jarvis Sandy enters the scene with a party called Biology. Held in a film studio in Battersea, this party is a huge success and starts the assent of Biology in the rave scene.

Wayne Antony & Kp flood London with a month of Genesis parties * Genesis’89 – The Promised Land - * Genesis’89 – West Way Blues - * Genesis’89 – In House We Trust - * Genesis’89 – Only Love Conquers Hate

Labrynth hold a party in a disused warehouse at Silverton Way, Canning Town. An East-end gang ask to take over the door but Joe refuses. This refusal leads to three nutters sneaking into the venue and hacking innocent people with machetes. Joe is threatened at gun point and decides to get out of the illegal warehouse party game. Labrynth move to a licensed club venue, The Four Aces Club in Dalston.

James Barton teams up with John Kelly to start a new night at Liverpools Nights Alive nightclub calling it The Underground.

March The scene takes a new direction as parties move away from inner city nightclubs and move out to huge barns and fields in the countryside. Like a premier division, all the top promoters dish out an amazing summer of raves. Sunrise (Tony Colston Hayter), Biology (Jarvis Sandy), Energy (Quintin "TinTin" Chambers & Jeremy Taylor), Back to the Future (Dave Roberts, also a partner in Sunrise), Weekend World & World Dance (Anton Le Pirate).

Obsession Fm unceasingly promote all the illegal raves. True to their word, they broadcasted rave information and House music 24/7 . Viewed as a source to illegal parties Obsession FM go through continuous raids. Not helping, their rumoured links to hooligans and transmitter funding by Jamaican Yardies, leads to Obsession regularly being targeted by the Dti.
Police bust a party in Blackburn as the situation heats up.

The production levels of the illegal rave parties dramatically increased. The smaller founding raves became unimportant as large events become the in thing. Illegal partys with 1000's of kilo watts of sound, lasers & fun fairs, attended by sometimes tens of thousands of people cladded out in ponchoes, smiley's, bandanas & kickers becomes a weekly event. With ten of thousands of new people starting to go to raves, the term Raver becomes fully main stream.

The location of these events was a intimately guarded secret up until an hour or so before the start. Meeting points would be made available through flyers and pirate radio stations such as (Sunrise,Centre Force, Obsession, & Fantasy FM). Mobile phones were still widely regarded as Yuppy toys but thanks to BT's messaging service they became an ideal way to co-ordinate people to different meeting points (Motorway service stations usually) and eventually the venue itself. It broadly turned into a game of "follow the car in front" until you find a party. By keeping the venue secret promoters could get everyone on the move heading for the party or in the wrong direction if needed. The Police have no option but to follow. So the end effect is that 1000's of people can descend on one location in a matter of minutes. Once a party goes past a certain size there is, in reality very little the Police can do to stop it.

Breakbeats begin to materialize in rave tunes. Rat Pack run Trip City at the Elephant & Castle.

Outside London, Tommy Smith and Tony Creft take over the administration of the illegal parties in Blackburn after the first organisers are arrested. Almost every week empty warehouses in and around the Blackburn area are descended on by thousands of ravers. Sett End, Bubble Factory, Unit 7, Pump Street and many more abandoned buildings,warehouses and even an old abattoir are used for parties over the coming months.

April 16th
Otiz F. Angel's single New Generation 'Body & Soul' is distributed by SRD

while he does an interview for Eternity magazine. During the interview he describes three common types of raver forming inside the rave culture.
“Ravers who rave because their friends do it”.
“Ravers who love the music but are not into the peace, love philosophy and are not bothered which direction the scene will take.
“Ravers who love the scene and believe the scene has the potential to make a positive impact in the world”.

April 29th
Back to the future, finding that their lined up venue has been revealed, end up holding a party in a cattle silo, still half full of animal feed!!

May 1st
Centre Force enters the scene becoming a 24/7 pirate house station. The station is set up with help from Andy Swallow and other people attached to Echos. Police 'intelligence' and general rumours suggest that Centreforce (like Echos) is run by the ICF (a football hooligan gang). Andy Swallow said "There were a lot of myths going round that we were involved in taking peoples doors, taking over the clubs demanding 25% and all that. Well, I don't know where the money went because I never saw any of it!".

May 20th
Sunrise 5000: 'Once In A Blue Moon' is held in aircraft hanger at Santa Pod race track. On arriving at the site in the early evening to set up, Sunrise find there is no electricity and no toilets. Their only option is to take a big risk with a diesel generator running dodgy wiring next to a pile of old newsprint.

Few weeks after the rave, Tony Colston Hayter (Founder of Sunrise) appear on the Jonathan Ross show. First he hand cuffed himself to Jonathan Ross then he threw water over Paul Morely (Journalist). The was a publicity stunt for the 'Freedom To Party'. Although there was a tonne of negative press after – it was still funny as hell.

May 27th
Energy hold their first major party, located in Westway film studios with 5 rooms, 12 Djs. This level of production was not experienced before including one room decorated as Greek temple and another exactly like the set of the film Bladerunner.

June 10th
Biology hold a party in a field near Elstree Studios, London.

Red Parrot illegal parties begin around Blackburn area.

June 16th-18th
Hypnosis set up the first dance tent in on of the car parks at Glastonbury.

Police use a new strategy and start to monitor info lines and posing as Ravers to find venues before the convoys.

June 24th
Sunrise’s Midsummer Nights Dream at White Waltham airstrip, Berkshire is attended by over 11000 people. The Sun newspaper runs the famous headline "SPACED OUT" with a two page "Ecstasy Airport” expose. Other reports involve “youngsters so drugged up they ripped the heads of pigeons!”“at the end of the night the floor was covered in empty ecstasy wrappers”. Unsurprisingly , both were untrue. The empty wrappers are actually pieces of confetti that fell from the ceiling; dead pigeons nowhere to be seen.

July 1st - 2nd
Energy party held at Membury, Berkshire. Police seal off 20 miles of the M4.

Biology and Panorama are made to find venue after venue as police intelligence find the main venue and all the back ups. Failing to find a spot, hundreds of cars drive up motorways and down country lanes all night. The party disastrously end in a club in Birmingham (The Hummingbird) and starts at 8am. Its a terrible event.

July 22nd
Energy hold an event in a Warehouse behind Heston Services. Over 1000 Police seal off the whole area but ravers simply park their cars on the hard shoulder of the motorway and run across 6 lanes. Enough gain access to the party and the Police let it go on.

The size of illegal rave parties increases quickly, starting to cause national panic by the end of the summer. With media reports of over 20,000 at one Sunrise event, and convoys of "crazed teenagers" tearing up and down motorways across the country, the government felt something needed to be done. Chief Superintendent Ken Tappenden sets up the Polices Pay Party Unit. Information is gathered about organizers, large, medium and small and it entered onto the HOLMES database.

Tragically, 16 year old Clair Leighton (R.I.P) dies after taking an E at the Hacienda in Manchester.

Spectrum hold the first large scale illegal rave in the Birmingham area. A field near Tamworth sees a full funfair and thousands of ravers. Due to a lot of Police pressure with this event Spectrum go inside and use the Hummingbird nightclub for all future events.

August 3rd
Anthony & Chris Donnely stage Joy at Stand Lees Farm, Rochdale. August 12th Future Dance Music Festival held by Sunrise & Back to the Future near the village of Longwick, Buckinghamshire. 17000 tickets sold.

August 12th
From Noon till Noon, Sunrise & Back to the Future.

August 19th
World Dance hold their first event near Junction 6 of the M25. Over 8000 people in attendance.

August 26th
Energy put out on their information lines that the first 5000 to arrive at their Summer Festival will get in free. Within a few hours there are over 20,000 people dancing in a Surrey field.

September 9th
Genesis break into a huge warehouse in east London. The venue could hold upto 10,000 people and with a 60 foot high ceiling there was room for fairground rides! Biology also plan a party for the same night so Genesis' publicity goes into overdrive, 3 different sets of flyers and a sticker campaign eventually sees Genesis tickets outselling Biology's. At 6pm the Police arrest the lighting crew. Then as Wayne Anthony approach the venue they see Police everywhere and the man with the fairground rides surrounded by Police officers. With no other option Genesis re-direct there crowd to Biology. Genesis info lines start to give out directions to the Biology party held in Meopham, Kent.

September 16th 
Live the Dream, near Gib Lane, Blackburn

Raindance hold the first fully licensed all night dance event at Jenkins Lane, Barking, on the London/Essex borders. 8,000+ people in attendance.

September 23rd
Energy have the venue for their Dance89 event. Found by a Police helicopter just hours before the rave is due to start, Police stop the event. Energy end up illegally occupying another hanger at Raydon airfield, Suffolk. Jeremy Taylor is arrested for causing a public nuisance.

September 30th
Helter Skelter hold their first party and manage to get 5,000+ people in a muddy ploughed field near Banbury, Oxfordshire. The KLF demand to be paid for their live set in Scottish Pound notes. They write "children we love you" on them and throw them into the crowd. Maybe as a practice for their most famous publicity stunt of burning of a £million a few years later.

Police try to bust a Phantasy party near Reigate, but are beaten back by ‘Strikeforce’ security with CS gas and dogs. This immediately changes things for others. During this rave, a chance meeting with Bobby V, Jason Jones, DJ Merlin & Otiz F.Angel facilitates the planning Resurrection / Obsession rave in Cobham.

Days after the trouble at Phantasy, the media print that ravers were aggressive and prepared to stand their ground to take drugs. Focused on the opposition from 'Strikeforce security', authorities take a hardline approach to all rave party raids across London. Later, Egged on by more tabloid front pages like "Acid peril of Drug Kids" & "Drugs & Gun haul at Acid Party", the government lash out. Tory MP Graham Bright pushes the "Entertainments (Increased Penalties) Act" through parliament and the Police's 'Pay Party Unit' is formed to hunt down Rave organisers.

October 21st
Biology try to hold a rave in Guildford. With a massive line up which is to included Public Enemy to play live! A massive Police operation stops the party. Police estimate there are 30,000 people in the surrounding area trying to get to the event which was totally sealed off. Public Enemy are detained and held at Heathrow.

Centre Force Radio is raided and their DJs arrested. On the same night their Echos club is also raided.

Pandemonium do their last illegal event, held in a Church on Lime Street, Telford. The surrounding ring road is totally blocked and Paul Archer & Paul Dawks are banned from holding another rave event.

Police force The State in Liverpool to shut. Mike Knowler & Andy Carroll move down the road to Bootle and open a new night. Quadrant Park is born.

November 11th
Police raid The Underground in Liverpool. James Barton & John Kelly banned from holding events in Liverpool.

Konspiracy opened in Manchester by Chris Nelson. December At Whitebirk, Blackburn a Police car is set on fire during battles with Police trying to stop ravers entering the party,

New Years Eve
Sunrise organise an end of the decade party and for the first time print the venue on the flyer. With only hours to go until the rave was meant the start time the Land Owner gives in to serious Police pressure and calls it off. The back up venue in Norfolk is also given an the injunction by the local Council. At around 11pm the Sunrise message lines direct the remaining ravers to head for Heston Services on the M4, then from there they are directed to the National Panasonic building in Slough where Sunrise had negotiated with Biology and Genesis to join their party.
New Years Eve
Amnesia House's (Bambam & the two brothers Keiran & Neville) party in Coventry is stopped after only a few hours.


January 27th
"Freedom To Party" campaign marches in London against the "Increased Penalties" bill. 8,000 people gather in Trafalgar Square to hear speeches from the main promoters, Wayne Antony. Tony Colston Hater, Dave Roberts, Jarvis Sandy, Obsession fm and othe pirate station reps. Amplified music is banned by the Police. Debbie Malone sings "Rescue Me" accapella. MC Chalky White is arrested as Police bring the demo to a close. Obsession fm create a live broadcast and fully cover the protest but the tabloid press make no mention at all! Later that night a warehouse in Radlett is cracked by Weekend World. They are joined by Sunrise, Genesis and Biology for a free party organised in just a few hours. Police road block the convoys and running battles between the Police and ravers trying to get into the building result in it being allowed to continue until 9am.

James Perkins teams up with Chris Griffin to hold some nights in Cheltenham called Cage Blackburn's illegal warehouse scene continues to grow with the Revenge and Hardcore Uproar parties.

February 24th
Tommy Smith and Tony Creft's run of Blackburn raves ends in a warehouse at Nelson, Nr Burnley. 200 riot Police raid the party while there are over 10,000 people inside.
On the same day Resurrection in Cobham becomes a disaster when the prohibited rave turns into a riot. Dave Thomas (DJ Bizzle T), Otiz F. Angel, El-Chicano Matt Crushaw & Dirty B are just a few to be arrested.

A few legal nights then follow at Malfoy's nightclub before this too is shut down.

March 17th
Chris Griffin holds the first Perception at the Brunel Centre, Bristol.

June 9th
Brave New World, nr Blackburn Amnesia House are joined by Mickey Lynas (Bambam's brother) and they start to hold nights at the Coventry Sports Connection.

June 22nd-24th
At the Glastonbury festival travellers start hooking up with inner city sounds systems like DiY.
A new and powerful trend evolves with travellers entering the rave scene. With sound systems these events were free festivals. Again a loop hole in the law is exploited.
As these are free festivals the 'Pay Party Unit' has no powers. It's now 'mass trespass' or 'breach of the peace' both difficult to enforce when there are so many people – especially if many are travellers.

Increased Penalties Bill is passed. Penalty for organising an illegal event is raised to £20,000 and 6 months imprisonment.

'Introspective' at Longton Leisurebowl.

Sindrome, started by Martin Redmond and DJ Bod becomes the first weekly Saturday night at Shelleys, Longton, Stoke-on-trent. The club up to this point has been 'the local sharon & tracey meat market'. Along side the other residents Unknown DJ and Steve Warner guests on the following weeks include Derrick May , Ritchie Hawtin, Colin Dale, Jam MC's, Neil Macey, Dave Angel and Tony Ross.

After Amnesia House "One Step Beyond" at the Sports Connection a young man from Leicester dies. This is the Matthew in Friends of Matthew - Out There.

About 836 ravers are arrested & detained at the Love Decade party held at Gildersome in Yorkshire. This remains one of the biggest mass arrests in British history. Only 8 are actually charged with anything! Police attempt to shut down the Hacienda for a death in the club. After a lengthy court case the Hacienda stays open but has lost its original atmosphere as Manchester's (now called "Madchester) gangsters take over the drug scene.

August 10th
"The rave scene is just a fad. It will be over in 3 months" claims Superintendent Mick Bromwich of the Coventry Police. Years later he has been proven to be a very foolish man.

August 23rd
Amnesia House hold "Sky Blue" their last party at the Sports Connection, Coventry.

September 1st
Pirate radio station Kiss becomes Britain's first legal dance music radio station then sells out completely to commercial pop.

Pandemonium are joined by Mark Chamberlain as the public face for dealing with Councils and the Police. They do 3 sell out events in a Sports Centre in Maidly.

Alex Patterson (later of the ORB) and Jimmy Cauty (KLF) take over DJing in the VIP room at Land of Oz (held at Heaven in London). They play a weird mix of film music and animal noises! Ambient house is born.

Delight at Shelleys in Stoke-on-Trent with resident DJ, the then virtually unknown Sasha. Shelleys rocks to Sasha's blend of techno and rushing pianos every Friday (after it closes so do Knutsford & Hilton Park motorway service stations!).

Spiral Tribe (Mark & Alex Harrison, Debbie Giffith & Simon Feeney) hold their first squat party, Detention, at an abandoned school house in London. They take the name (or so the story goes) from a spiral shaped fossil Mark had found.

October 13th
The legendary Eclipse opens at Lower Ford Street, Coventry. Britain's first legal all night rave club. The club is packed all night every Friday & Saturday. December Obsession Fm closes down. After a final bust, Obsession cannot recuperate. The arrests at Resurrection ends in the radio station having a vulnerable administration team and forces the station to end their programme.

November 24th
284 Ravers arrested as the Police raid the Mad Hatters Tea Party in Burnley, Lancashire


January 30th
Hacienda ends following a door staff member was endangered with a firearm. "We are sick of the violence" - Tony Wilson February Saturdays at Shelleys becomes the brand new home of Amnesia House with Daz Willot as resident.

April 16th
After the shut down of Obsession FM, Otiz F. Angel releases a single called New Generation ‎– All Mighty Dredd.

He also focuses on a new Resurrection campaign and publishes a memo called 'Hardcore -Do Yu Know The Score ?'. To summarise, the content talks about:
The House phenomenon causing a spiritual awakening within the rave generation and modifying the way people think.
Rave culture upgrading modern day society.
The necessity of meditation, yoga and good health becoming a big part of the rave culture.
An awareness of a collective conciousness experienced by many people, in a rave environment (connecting all people and all things in the universe).
A future rave business or corporation, giving ravers a voice while enabling ravers to network, share and make money together (legitimately).

Over 10,000 copies were handed out outside all rave events, busy streets and large malls in London. Hundreds of ravers, hippy spiritualist and new age enthusiasts found common ground with the literature and joined the Resurrection membership.
Yet there are mixed reactions with critics accusing Angel of forming a rave cult.

several weeks following the doc was published, a producer called the Hypnotist – coincidently released a successful track called 'Hardcore You Know The Score'. No connection.

April 18th
Time & Underground hold their last party at the Rag Market, Birmingham Time & Underground

Carl cox has his first hit with 'I Want You' and performing on Top Of The Pops when the record peaked at number 23 in the UK charts!!

April 19th
James Perkins and Gideon hold a party at the Eclipse in Coventry. The line up includes Sasha, Carl Cox, Jumping Jack Frost, SS, Ellis Dee and a PA from The Scientist.

April 27th
First of the Forest Hill free partyies held near Oxford

May 8th
Second Forest Hill free party (the Easygroove tape)

Resurrection is busted by riot police just as the rave reaches over 1,500+ members. The prohibited warehouse in Tottenham hale is closed. Later, founding members and management merge with a Tottenham sound system changing their name to become 'the Electrybe'.

May 22nd
After filming the video for “Move any Mountain” The Shamen’s Will Sinnott drowns off the coast off Gomera, Canary Islands

May 25th
Steve Gorden host the Elevation rave. The venue was at The Wonderland Arena. June Shelleys is allowed to keep its licence after Longton Police object on grounds of "serious overcrowding" June After on going battles with the Dti fantasy FM closed down and ended the broadcast, leaving a long legacy of house music.

June 20-25th
Longstock free festival. Spiral Tribe join the fesitval with their now mobile sound system.

29 June
Elevation Part II July DJ Welly takes up residency at The Pleasuredome, Farnworth, near Manchester. Within three weeks the usually quiet club is transformed and full to capacity week in week out.

July 26-29th
Happy Daze free festival nr Bala, Wales. Circus Warp & Spiral Tribe on site.

August 2nd
ESP do a joint event with Weekend World near Northampton. This outdoor event is licensed for 7,000.

August 2-5th
Camelford free festival. Spiral Tribe, Circus Warp, Adrenaline, & DiY on site. MC Scallywag and DJ Aztek join Spiral Tribe. The following week they move their vehicles to the Stoney Cross travellers site. A move which un-nerves a lot of the travelling community due to the violent Police confrontation seen there in the eighties.

Heaven on Earth

August 28-31th
White Goddess free free festival. August 30th free party organisers, Paul Shurrey and Rob Vega (Brainstorm) put on their first legal event in Bath. Rave legend Universe is born. September Quest is born at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

Sept 14th
Altern-8 turn up outside Shelleys with a sounds system on the back of a lorry as people are leaving at closing time. They manage to play 5 numbers to a crowd of 1000+ in the car park before the Police arrive.

Dec 6th
ESP hold an event at Denby Leisure Centre (later to be known as The Sanctuary) calling it Dreamscape. New Years Eve Fantazia at Westpoint Exhibition Centre, Raindance-Big Bad Head at Melton Mowbury.


January 29th
Pandemonium start their weekly friday nights at J-Jays, Willenhall, Wolverhampton. Fridays at Shelleys is took over by Entropy, with Amnesia House on Saturdays.

February 28th
The Pleasuredome in Farnworth is closed after the Police find the bar staff are dealing drugs. March Kinetic take over residency at the Leisure Bowl, Stoke-on-Trent. Club Kintetic is born.

April 10th
To the dismay of ravers everywhere, Pete Waterman and ITV decide to cash in on rave culture by creating a crap TV show called 'Hitman & Her' filmed in the Eclipse in Coventry. A classic tv moment see's Michaela Stachen having to leave the club because "its too hot ... But if you look closer Michaela is high.

April 16th
Otiz F. Angel releases a 2 track ep, New Generation - Set I Free & Aural Elevation – featuring reggae singer Bingi Bingham. They play a Live set at Electrybe gathering held in a disused supermarket, Wood Green, North London. Bemused shoppers watch on as the party continues till 9am.

April 20th
Spiral Tribe hold a party in a Warehouse in Acton,West London. Police turn up in full riot gear. People barricade all exits and the Police use a JCB and sledge hammers to demolish a wall. Eventually storming the building beating people and making them lie face down on the floor. Over 100 people are injured. During the mayhem an ITV reported turns up but it so freaked out by what he sees that he leaves immediately. Spiral Tribes convoy is escorted out of london under the watch of a Police helicopter.

April 25th
Word spreads about the rough treatment of Spiral Tribe. The main stream raves stand well back not wanting to draw attention to themselves. A number of the smaller, underground sound systems become defiant including DIY, Bedlam, Adrenaline, Electrybe, Circus warp, travellers and House tribes pledge support. Many talk about organising a large rave. The ravers only way to strike back.

Dreamscape present Woodstock 2

After losing The Pleasuredome, DJ Welly and crew (Nigel the promoter, Jamie Scahill, Ken Grogan & John Waddiker) move their night to Bowlers, Traford Park, Manchester. Life @ Bowlers is born.

May 1- 4th
Beltane free festival, Lechlade, Spiral Tribe and Bedlam on site. 10,000+ people.

May 15th 
Fantazia hold "Summertime" at Matchams Park Stadium, Bournmouth. Gideon allows 16,000 tickets into circulation when the license is only for 8,000. All tickets are sold and the resulting 15 miles of blocked M1 motorway is shown on the News at 10. Fantazia are unable to use this venue again due to this.

May 16th
Genesis’hold their last rave, The Promised-Land – then quit.

May 22nd
DiY & other systems attempt a free party in a travellers camp at the Avon Free Festival, Chipping Sodbury near Bristol. Police hear of their plans and move all the travellers on. This turns into a rallying call as a mass of sound systems turn up at Castle Morton in the Malvern Hills. assorted Sound Systems including Bedlam (first on the site), Circus Warp, Electrybe, Adrenaline & Spiral Tribe are already there. With No top Djs, No fun fairs , No attractions and No distractions, thousands of travellers & ravers party hard for days. After seeing police reports on the BBC's Six O'clock News thousands more people head to the gathering.

For the first time lots of sound systems come together and create a party larger than most main stream raves. Police estimate that on the Saturday night there are 40 to 50 thousand people at the event. MPs now question, at what stage would it become reasonable to call in the Army as they describe this gathering as an occupying force?

After the Castle Morton gathering the UK authorities created a new database of every tribe or sound system that participated in the Castle Morton event. The list also contained every rave that was deemed seditious, became a riot or was even reportable as a public dis-order.

Exodus hold their first free party in the Luton area. June 27th Amnesia House hold "The Book of Love" at Brayfield Stadium. After first announcing his intention to get married at a rave on the BBC's "The Time, The Place" back in 1989. Mickey Lynas (partner in Amnesia/Nemesis) gets his wish and marries with 15,000 ravers as witness' and Grooverider as the best man.

June 29th
Universe put on the first (and only?) legal outdoor rave in Wales, Adventures On A Pleasure Planet.

July 25th
Fantazia hold licenced rave "One Step Beyond/Castle Donnington". Licenced for 25,000, the totally outdoor stage is made to look like a castle with a huge dragon in the middle of the crowd.

August 7-9th
Four members of Spiral Tribe are arrested as the 'organisers' of Castle Morton festival. Charges of 'conspiracy to cause a public nuisance' are eventually dropped as thousands of ravers & travellers up and down the country report themselves as witnesses making the processing of the case virtually impossible.

August 28th
Pandemonium's "Here comes the sun" outdoor event, to be held near Shrewsbury is cancelled the day before (an official from the Council had measured the wrong fence and declared it wasnt high enough. It was announced on the Radio before Mark Chamberlain could correct the mistake (most likely this was a ploy to stop the rave). Rumours circulate that Vision (Chris Griffin), who are holding an event at Popham Airfield, near Winchester, would accept Pandemonium tickets (untrue). This leads to 1,000's of people turning up there and the perimeter fences being torn down. Unofficially there were over 40,000 people there with the licence for 20,000.

Shelleys is closed down after reports of "drugs being openly on sale in the near by supermarket car park".

September 11th - Universe are back in Bath with a massive outdoor event, Mind, Body & Soul. DJ Tanith & The Producer blow the roof off the main tent.

October 30th
Obsession hold their first big event,The 3rd Dimension, at the Westpoint Exhibition Centre, Exeter.

First issues of Eternity Magazine given away free at various raves. Future copies would feature Tony Cilston Hater, Dreamscape, World Dance, Otiz F.Angel & Electrybe, Biology, DJ Carl Cox, Groove Rider & Fabio amongst others.

New Years Eve Fantazia, Littlecotte House. "This massive spectacular all night party will be held indoors and will host 16,000 party goers" r New Years Eve Exodus hold their largest illegal free party to date. Over 10,000 people in a warehouse on Woodside industrial estate, Luton.


February 4th
Due to structural problems at JJays Pandemonium move their weekly night to The Institute, Digbeth, Birmingham

March 19th
Dance Planet hold The Detonator at Birmingham's Hummingbird. On the night the Hummingbird's security let people in through a side door for back handers. Serious overcrowding leads to the death of two people and the loss of the Hummingbird's entertainments licence.

April 16th
The Electrybe host a party for Otiz F. Angel's birthday at the Brain club in London west end. Playing a assortment of happy Hardcore, techno and Jungle, this Monday gathering is Electrybe's first fully legal event. A successful night persuades organisers to continue the event every Monday. These colorful events become the regular club night for hundreds of ravers, house hippies, new age travellers, artists, healers & spiritualists. Annie Lester, Emma J and Omi join Electrybe's management team. The next day Otiz F. Angel releases a 2 track e.p named New Generation ‎– True Feelings

April 23rd
Fantazia do their last true Hardcore event (2nd Birthday) at the Sanctuary, Milton Keynes. There's talk of another event planned for 30,000 at Cricket St Thomas Park on the South coast but this doesn't happen as Fantazia start their own line of clothing and a record label.

April 30th
Universe do the first Tribal Gathering with 25,000 people at Warminster near Bath. Total chaos on the surrounding roads with a 15 mile traffic jam leading up to the site at about 9pm. Dreamscape plan a massive weekend long event (Woodstock 2) with probably the biggest flyer ever seen (A1 size!). The licence is granted but due to difficulies with a financier Murray has to cancel the event. The late cancellation loses ESP thousands.

June 25th
Dance Trance (Mickey Lynas ex Amnesia House) has his 1st Wedding anniversary at the Sanctuary.

After the huge gathering of last years Castle Morton festival, a bigger event is planned near the outskirts of Corby, Northamptonshire. It is to be called "The Mother". Unknown to the organisers, someone puts posters up in the area publicising the event and giving Police access to the mobile phone lines. Sound systems manage to crack the site on Friday the 7th but by Saturday a major Police operation with 100s of officers blocks off the whole area and the phone info lines go dead.

July 24
Elevation at Roller Express, Edmonton

August 13th
Universe stage their Big Love event attracting 30,000. With 2 totally outdoor stages set back to back, Heaven (House) & Earth (Hardcore). Probably the last totally outdoor event. Sound restiction problems cause the levels to be turned right down half way through the Prodigys set. Mad P from Top Buzz threw the mic into crowd during their set as they refused to turn it up!

August 14th
Big Love

The Criminal Justice Bill is put to Parliament. With the new Rave Clause, defining a 'Rave' as 100 or more people dancing outdoors to music "mainly comprising of repetitive beats". New powers for the Police will include the right to detain anyone they believe is heading to an illegal rave and the right to confiscate sounds systems (like they hadn't been doing this any.

September 7th
Electrybe present The Resurrection at the Marquee, Tottenham court road WC1. Otiz F. Angel & Carl Miller, Hypno trance, ‎release two tracks 'Celestial Encounter' 'Spiritual love' After a week in the Marquee the Electrybe change their music policy becoming an 100% jungle rave with a policy to only feature new upcoming talent.

The Government announced further acts to control illegal raves. With the law coming down so harshly, the scene turned legal and commercial so clubs organised one-off events, and longer licensing hours meant they could offer all-night dancing at their venues. The likes of Cream, Renaissance and Ministry of Sound had hit the big time and superstar DJs were more famous than film stars.


Otiz F. Angel moves Electrybe to the Gass club Wardour street hosting a jammed packed Monday night rave.

Electrybe produce a strong stable of unknown Djs and MCs, some of them would go on to become top names in the jungle scene. The Electrybe MCs included Skibadee, MC IC3, MC Neat (from MC Neat & DJ Luck), MC Cuckoo, CKP, IC3 and MC Foxy..

Rave There-after. Fully licensed, commercial raves take over the event landscape across the UK. Corporations even finance a rave in Wembley stadium. These watered down events were now well funded and much larger than the original raves, run by many of the same corporations who supported the criminal justice bill. And so to today. . .

While the illegal raves are over and the Magic Roundabout years have been and gone, the United Kingdom's passion for dance music has remained. In fact, dance culture has invaded everywhere: TV advertisements, radio jingles, film soundtracks as well as in the clubs and bars all across the country. The current fashion for nostalgia has seen a sea of early dance anthem compilations being released, with names like Back to the Old Skool and Old Skool Euphoria. Novels like Rave Story has become top sellers. Thirty-somethings and 40+ can now reminisce about the golden age of rave over dinner parties. Ecstasy's popularity has not died, either - approximately half a million people regularly use the drug in the UK alone. Illegal parties haven't stopped too, but they will never be close to the same scale of the early illegal raves. In fact, in rural areas where the club scene is more mums and toddlers than super-club, gatherings in woods, quarries and cliff tops happen all the time, while in London illegal squat parties can be found at the ring of a number - if Ketamine and dark drum 'n' bass is your bag. The big festivals have begun to cater for today's rave generation.

Homelands and Creamfields attract maximum capacity crowds, while in 2005 Glastonbury increased its dance tent to a village, and now has eight stages. The Criminal Justice Act also caused many ravers to look abroad for kicks, spending summers in places like Goa, Ibiza and Ayia Napa. Looking back, when superintendent Mick Bromwich
 of the Coventry Police claimed the rave scene was 'Just a fad' in 1990, he couldn't have been further wrong. Thirty years later, the rave scene is still here and going strong. Although now it has many musical cousins, at it's core, its still the same. The parties we take for granted now, would never have existed if it wasn't for the early rave scene. Like one of the predictions in Otiz F. Angel's mission statement back in 1991, the Rave scene HAS helped to shape our modern society. It has changed British culture, it has influenced people across the world and it has united generation after generation. The efforts of Tony colston hater, Tin Tin (Energy) and the many other rave organisers, djs and die hard ravers have left a magical mark in history. We want to take a moment to remember all to people who stuck their neck out and went through hell to help to keep the scene alive. Most of these people have been forgotten but not by us.

We, The True Ravers Give Thanks & Tribute To:

Carl cox, Trevor Fung, Ian St Paul, Emix, Adamski, Paul Oakenfold, Tony Colston-Hayter, Johnny Walker, Nicky Holloway, Danny Rampling, Brett & Sting, Paul Stone ,Lu Vukovic, Otiz F. Angel, Richard Clarke (DJ Clarkee), James Barton, Robert Darby, Leslie Thomas, Grooverider & Fabio, Richard Okuno, Densil Roberts, Daddy Chester, Wayne Antony, Joe Wieczorek, Andy Swallow, Tony Wilson, Jarvis Sandy, Rat Pack, John Kelly, Tommy Smith, Tony Creft, Anthony & Chris Donnely, Jeremy Taylor, Paul Archer, Paul Dawks, Mike Knowler, Andy Carroll, MC Chalky White, Chris Griffin, Mickey Lynas, Martin Redmond, DJ Bod, Mark Chamberlain, James Perkins and Gideon, Steve Gordon, Mark & Alex Harrison, Debbie Giffith, Simon Feeney, Chris Nelson & Sir Richard Branson – Yes the millionaire and the countless other people who contributed to the existence of the Rave culture.