Steve 'Silk' Hurley has the very first House music number 1 with the song "Jack your Body".

The Times newspaper reports the first ecstasy seizure inside London. Not quite realizing that the effect of the drug makes people dance yet, the media report that ecstasy is a sex stimulant.

Trevor Fung & Ian Saint Paul open a little club in San Antonio, Ibiza. It was known as the Project, (named after a club in London that Ian  had been somewhat running). It quickly grew to be a center point for youthful British holiday makers who were out there to get a good time in the Balearic islands. Early ravers started to find out what had been happening and shortly many eventually left Britain summer time to check out the wide open air night clubs of Ibiza similar to Amnesia exactly where DJ's like Alfredo had been playing many of the first house music imports.

Trevor and Ian ask their acquaintance Paul Oakenfold to ibiza for his birthday. Paul brings along with him Johnny Walker, Nicky Holloway and also Danny Rampling. Trevor and Ian close the venture club and so they devote the rest of the summer backwards and forwards between Amnesia and Cafe del mar.

Returning to London, the newly converted Ibiza crew immediately sense some thing has transformed. Paul opens the initial Project club after hours'. At 2am when the nightclubs were formally concluded Paul & his Ibiza team would start theirgathering until 6am. This continues only some months before Law enforcement officials raid the event.

Danny Rampling and Jenni open Klub Sch-oom (soon reduced to Shoom) in a health centre around Southwark bridge, just south of the Thames in London.

A couple weeks later Paul Oakenfold holds the initial Future event in the back area of the Heaven nightclub, a immense club in London's Charing Cross.

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