January 29th

Pandemonium start their weekly friday nights at J-Jays, Willenhall, Wolverhampton. Fridays at Shelleys is took over by Entropy, with Amnesia House on Saturdays.

February 28th
The Pleasuredome in Farnworth is closed after the Police find the bar staff are dealing drugs. March Kinetic take over residency at the Leisure Bowl, Stoke-on-Trent. Club Kintetic is born.

April 10th
To the dismay of ravers everywhere, Pete Waterman and ITV decide to cash in on rave culture by creating a crap TV show called 'Hitman & Her' filmed in the Eclipse in Coventry. A classic tv moment see's Michaela Stachen having to leave the club because "its too hot ... But if you look closer Michaela is high.

April 16th
Otiz F. Angel releases a 2 track ep, New Generation - Set I Free & Aural Elevation – featuring reggae singer Bingi Bingham. They play a Live set at Electrybe gathering held in a disused supermarket, Wood Green, North London. Bemused shoppers watch on as the party continues till 9am.

April 20th
Spiral Tribe hold a party in a Warehouse in Acton,West London. Police turn up in full riot gear. People barricade all exits and the Police use a JCB and sledge hammers to demolish a wall. Eventually storming the building beating people and making them lie face down on the floor. Over 100 people are injured. During the mayhem an ITV reported turns up but it so freaked out by what he sees that he leaves immediately. Spiral Tribes convoy is escorted out of london under the watch of a Police helicopter.

April 25th
Word spreads about the rough treatment of Spiral Tribe. The main stream raves stand well back not wanting to draw attention to themselves. A number of the smaller, underground sound systems become defiant including DIY, Bedlam, Adrenaline, Electrybe, Circus warp, travellers and House tribes pledge support. Many talk about organising a large rave. The ravers only way to strike back.

Dreamscape present Woodstock 2

After losing The Pleasuredome, DJ Welly and crew (Nigel the promoter, Jamie Scahill, Ken Grogan & John Waddiker) move their night to Bowlers, Traford Park, Manchester. Life @ Bowlers is born.

May 1- 4th
Beltane free festival, Lechlade, Spiral Tribe and Bedlam on site. 10,000+ people.

May 15th Fantazia hold "Summertime" at Matchams Park Stadium, Bournmouth. Gideon allows 16,000 tickets into circulation when the license is only for 8,000. All tickets are sold and the resulting 15 miles of blocked M1 motorway is shown on the News at 10. Fantazia are unable to use this venue again due to this.

May 16th
Genesis’hold their last rave, The Promised-Land – then quit.

May 22nd
DiY & other systems attempt a free party in a travellers camp at the Avon Free Festival, Chipping Sodbury near Bristol. Police hear of their plans and move all the travellers on. This turns into a rallying call as a mass of sound systems turn up at Castle Morton in the Malvern Hills. assorted Sound Systems including Bedlam (first on the site), Circus Warp, Electrybe, Adrenaline & Spiral Tribe are already there. With No top Djs, No fun fairs , No attractions and No distractions, thousands of travellers & ravers party hard for days. After seeing police reports on the BBC's Six O'clock News thousands more people head to the gathering.

For the first time lots of sound systems come together and create a party larger than most main stream raves. Police estimate that on the Saturday night there are 40 to 50 thousand people at the event. MPs now question, at what stage would it become reasonable to call in the Army as they describe this gathering as an occupying force?

After the Castle Morton gathering the UK authorities created a new database of every tribe or sound system that participated in the Castle Morton event. The list also contained every rave that was deemed seditious, became a riot or was even reportable as a public dis-order.

Exodus hold their first free party in the Luton area. June 27th Amnesia House hold "The Book of Love" at Brayfield Stadium. After first announcing his intention to get married at a rave on the BBC's "The Time, The Place" back in 1989. Mickey Lynas (partner in Amnesia/Nemesis) gets his wish and marries with 15,000 ravers as witness' and Grooverider as the best man.

June 29th
Universe put on the first (and only?) legal outdoor rave in Wales, Adventures On A Pleasure Planet.

July 25th
Fantazia hold licenced rave "One Step Beyond/Castle Donnington". Licenced for 25,000, the totally outdoor stage is made to look like a castle with a huge dragon in the middle of the crowd.

August 7-9th
Four members of Spiral Tribe are arrested as the 'organisers' of Castle Morton festival. Charges of 'conspiracy to cause a public nuisance' are eventually dropped as thousands of ravers & travellers up and down the country report themselves as witnesses making the processing of the case virtually impossible.

August 28th
Pandemonium's "Here comes the sun" outdoor event, to be held near Shrewsbury is cancelled the day before (an official from the Council had measured the wrong fence and declared it wasnt high enough. It was announced on the Radio before Mark Chamberlain could correct the mistake (most likely this was a ploy to stop the rave). Rumours circulate that Vision (Chris Griffin), who are holding an event at Popham Airfield, near Winchester, would accept Pandemonium tickets (untrue). This leads to 1,000's of people turning up there and the perimeter fences being torn down. Unofficially there were over 40,000 people there with the licence for 20,000.

Shelleys is closed down after reports of "drugs being openly on sale in the near by supermarket car park".

September 11th - Universe are back in Bath with a massive outdoor event, Mind, Body & Soul. DJ Tanith & The Producer blow the roof off the main tent.

October 30th
Obsession hold their first big event,The 3rd Dimension, at the Westpoint Exhibition Centre, Exeter.

First issues of Eternity Magazine given away free at various raves. Future copies would feature Tony Cilston Hater, Dreamscape, World Dance, Otiz F.Angel & Electrybe, Biology, DJ Carl Cox, Groove Rider & Fabio amongst others.

New Years Eve Fantazia, Littlecotte House. "This massive spectacular all night party will be held indoors and will host 16,000 party goers" r New Years Eve Exodus hold their largest illegal free party to date. Over 10,000 people in a warehouse on Woodside industrial estate, Luton.

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